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The purpose of the online course of Venezuelan maracas is to show in only five movements the traditional language of maracas. Subsequently, these movements transform into 25 basic combinations that allow students to work on independence with both hands, and to discover the true source from where all traditional Venezuelan rhythms come.

By mastering the 25 combinations students will be able to play Venezuelan music genres in 3/4 such as Vals, Pasaje, Joropo Llanero, Joropo Oriental, Joropo Tuyero, Onda Nueva; in 6/8 as the Danza, Pajarillo, Joropo Oriental con Estribillo, Joropo Tuyero, and in 5/8 as the Venezuelan Merengue.

“In this method 5 Movements Are The Key, I want to share the experience that helped me understand the traditional techniques of the Venezuelan maracas and that lead me to design a musical writing that shows with clarity and discernment the execution of the instrument in each Venezuelan genre according to the vocabulary and variations that have been standardized throughout time”