I International Course of Venezuelan Maracas | Saint Christophe D’Allier – France

• Basic techniques of writing    and execution of the          Venezuelan maracas

• Study of each of the Venezuelan rhythms and their variations

• How to adapt the traditional Venezuelan technique to other cultures

• Study of the academic maracas (concert for maracas and orchestra PATARUCO)

• Study of contemporary maracas in electronic proposals

• Open stage for students every evening.

• Private student concert at the end of the course.

• Public concert by Professor Manuel Alejandro Rangel.

• Closing evening.

• Visit to the exotic places of Saint Christophe D’Allier.

• Picnic at the water’s edge.

• The accommodation will be at the Gîte Le Grenier inn.

• Course fee: € 600 Includes classes, accommodation and meals (transportation is the responsibility of the participants).

• Advance payment of € 200 for registration to be canceled before May 15th 2019, non-refundable; the balance must be canceled no later than June 30th 2019. Once the registration date has passed, the rate will be increased to € 700, which must be paid in only once.

• Participants residing in Saint Christophe D’Allier may, if requested, not be accommodated through the inn.

• If you live outside of France, we will endeavor to help you get to Saint Christophe D’Allier from Lyon. Do not hesitate to let us know about your possible itinerary problems.




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