The purpose of the online course of Venezuelan maracas is to show in only five movements the traditional language of maracas. Subsequently, these movements transform into 25 basic combinations that allow students to work on independence with both hands, and to discover the true source from where all traditional Venezuelan rhythms come.

This methodology systematized with the grammatical proposal designed and exposed in the book 5 Movements Are The Key, will result in optimal, basic and technical knowledge of the instrument and will then adapt to the multiple musical proposals of each performer.

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"This method is the creation of a sensitive musician who lives in the maraquero's world and has the logic of an engineer. Only an individual with these characteristics is able to realize that the so-called "maracas" is not ONE instrument but TWO instruments that are made to play independent rhythms, but intertwined in continuous counterpoint".
PhD, Ricardo Lorenz
Composer, Multiple Award-Winning Musician. Head of musical composition Dept. at Michigan State University
"Manuel is a unique artist, someone who is able to perform and explain to the same world-class level. His technical method for the Maracas is in a league of its own, and will remain the benchmark reference tool in his field for a long time to come. It also sets the challenge to other percussionists to rise to this level. I have been proud to be able to participate and help him to present masterclasses in London, and know from first hand experience that he made a game-changing impact upon the students. I recommend all his work without reservation."
barak 1
Barak Schmool
Professor of Jazz Rhythm, RAM, GSMD
"I consider Manuel a wonderful friend and great teacher. His method has given me a strong foundation for further developing my maracas technique. It helped me improve upon my own research in studying the maracas and traditional Venezuelan music. Manuel’s method book is an excellent resource for any musician, I highly recommend it!".
Jeremy Muller
Scottsdale Community College Music Department Percussion, Composition, and Electronic Music · Scottsdale
"5 Movements are the key is the reference work for the practice of maracas. Its content is rich ; videos and graphics examples will help you to progress. I use this resource daily. This method is like its author : precise, generous, essential".
François Papirer
Percussions de Strasbourg

What am I going to learn?

  • You will learn the 5 key movements of the traditional language of maracas.
  • 25 basic combinations, which will give you motor skills independence and thus discover the true source where all the traditional Venezuelan rhythms come from
  • You will learn the Venezuelan genres in 3/4 (Waltz, Passage, Joropo Llanero, Joropo Oriental, Joropo Tuyero, Onda Nueva) in 6/8 (Danza, Pajarillo, Joropo Oriental con Estribillo, Joropo Tuyero,) and 5/8 (Venezuelan Merengue).
  • Motor skills independence that will allow you to expand your acting creativity.
  • Construction of connections through links that will allow you to unite all the variations of ornaments together with the traditional accompaniment you want.

What does this course include?

14 hours online study.

144 videos explanatory, animated and illustrated for each movement with its bigrama.

• 22 videos with musical groups and play along.

• 25 combinations basic motor skills independence.

11 genres Venezuelan musicals.

Discover the different Venezuelan traditional rhythms in 3/4, 6/8 and 5/8

Who is this course for?

  • Amateur musicians and people of any age with no previous musical experience.
  • Musicians with an interest in the deep mastery of the Venezuelan maracas.
  • Percussionists with experience in the popular and academic field.
  • Advanced musicians with the concern to learn and master the academic and traditional language of the Venezuelan maracas.

Start studying Venezuelan maracas today!




• Gripping Forms

• Movement #1.

8 animated and illustrated videos.

GOLD plan


14 hours online study.

• 3 months online course.

• More of 140 videos animated and illustrated.

1 book in printed version of “5 Movements Are The Key” (FREE SHIPPING). 

1 hour session consulting with Manuel Alejandro Rangel via video call.



  • $89,99


One-time payment



• 14 hours online study.

6 meses online course.

• More of 140 videos animated and illustrated.

• 1 book in printed version of “5 Movements Are The Key” (FREE SHIPPING). 

• sesiones de 1 hora consulting with Manuel Alejandro Rangel via video call.



  • $119,99


One-time payment



14 hours online study.

12 month online course.

• More of 140 videos animated and illustrated.

1 book in printed version impresa of “5 Movements Are The Key” (FREE SHIPPING)..

• 1 juego de Maracas Venezuelan traditional with case (FREE SHIPPING)..

• 2 sesiones de 1 hora de consultoría con Manuel Rangel vía video llamada.

  • $299,99


One-time payment


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