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Starring the young sensation and virtuous maraca player Manuel Rangel and with the help of Asier Cazalis in his directorial debut, we have a live musical show full of sensuality, romance, rhythm and energy.

With a modern-minimalist aesthetic and with original music by Asier Cazalis and Manuel Rangel, this piece seeks to project to the world the most international of Venezuelan instruments, the maracas, along side of who is today its most exciting exponent on a national level, with a guaranteed global projection.


Manuel is accompanied by two musicians and a dancer. The show is one hour long and travels from tribal rhythms that denote the pre-columbian origins of the maraca,
to electronic music, rock, going through flamenco, salsa, World Music and folk. Exploring the border line between dance and instrumental execution. Between the acrobatic musical virtuosity and the ancestral primitive impulse.

The idea of this project is to showcase another phase and possibility of the maracas (sensual, cosmopolitan and modern) to the world as we take a positive message of our national identity through the maracas. An instrument that everyone knows but only few know that it is Venezuelan