5 Movements Are The Key

The purpose of the Venezuelan maracas online course is to show, in just five key movements, the traditional language of maracas. Subsequently, these movements will become 25 basic combinations, which allow the student to work on motor independence and thus discover the true source where all the traditional Venezuelan rhythms come from.
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Pataruco, by Ricardo Lorenz, was released in March 1999 by the Chicago Symphony with percussionist Ed Harrison, for whom the work was dedicated. Since then, the play has been heard in many cities around the world.
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M a r a k a

Starring the young sensation and virtuous maraca player Manuel Rangel and with the help of Asier Cazalis in his directorial debut, we have a live musical show full of sensuality, romance, rhythm and energy.
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Maraca Fusion

Alone on stage Manuel Rangel constructs with his two instruments ( maracas and guitar) a range of textures and atmospheres that narrate a musical story beginning with silence as an inspiration. What is particular and original about this performance, MARACA FUSION, are the electronic elements that Manuel finds as he processes the sound of the maracas and creates an infinite extension in the possibilities of this traditional Venezuelan instrument.
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Manuel Rangel


Winner of the award to the best Maracas Player of the Festival De La Música Llanera (Music from the Plains Festival) “El Silbón De Oro”. Portuguesa – Venezuela. Winner of the International Festival of Villavicencio – Colombia. Classical guitarist graduated from the Vicente Emilio Sojo conservatory, Barquisimeto – Venezuela, under the direction of professor Valmore Nieves. Winner of the Latin Grammy – Certificate of participation in the album “Tesoros De La Música Venezolana” (Treasures of Venezuelan Music) by Ilan Chester. Guest musician on the Latin Grammy nominated recording “Textures From The North Of South” with the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra. Guest musician in the Grammy Awards nominated recording “PA’ FUERA” of C4 Trio.

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