Venezuelan Roots

Venezuelan Roots Venezuelan Roots stems from the meeting of diverse personalities who represent the expression of current trends in Venezuelan music. A carefully dosed balance between tradition and evolution is achieved through this special selection of internationally renowned musicians who reflect the musical diversity of their country. Eddy Marcano, Leonidas Rondón, Manuel Rangel, Baden Goyo, José “Layo” Puentes and Julio D’Santiago come from different parts of Venezuela: the Andes, Eastern, Central and Capital Regions. Together they produce a sound palette in a variety of styles, which they use to create a retrospective of the vast repertory of Venezuelan music.

This unique encounter spans the arc from the past to the future of the Venezuelan music


 being played outside the country, since these musicians, who live in different locations across the world, bring with them the experience they have gathered through working with other music and cultures.

The musical concept behind “Venezuelan Roots” places emphasis on innovation. This includes the search for new ways of interpreting traditional codes, which involves improvisation and experimentation with various forms, structures and textures. In this respect, the compositions and arrangements which shape this project provide an ideal terrain for creative dialogue.